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Benefits for Students

Students have the possibility to establish new connections with people who share the same interest as them. The lectures, activities and events offer them the possibility to broaden their horizon, learn while studying and they will ultimately provide them with the opportunity of boosting their CVs.

Benefits for Alumni

Even though alumni may have already found their place in the business world, it is always valuable to network, to get into contacts with guest lecturers, investment professionals or even current students. You never know what opportunities come along in the future and the more professional contacts you have, the more options there are for your future career. Furthermore, it is never too late to learn something new and stay abreast of new developments in the field.

Benefits for Partners

Companies are able to contribute to the development of future investment professionals while discovering a pool of talent for potential interns and future employees. You can promote your business by representing your companies at the society events such as open lectures, workshops or annual meetings and putting your logo on our website. We also offer the unique opportunity to establish closer contact with our students and alumni for a future internship, employment or collaboration for research projects. Further on, our activities are designed to establish a cooperation between the partner company and the pool of interested students.