The Bitcoin Puzzle

On April 19th, Dr. DI Mag. Berhard Kronfellner, Pricipal at The Boston Consulting Group, gave an open lecture focusing on cryptocurrency and answered the question “What’s behind Bitcoin and Blockchain?” by explaining the complex techonology in a very understandable way. He especially focused on the topic whether it is worth to enter the market and what opportunities and risks digital currency might imply.

CFA Event

On September 20th, we had the great opportunity to listen to MMag. Martin Worel, MBA CFA FRM, Head of Central Corporate Rating – Erste Group, a member of the CFA Society Austria. Students learned about the CFA Society, their goals and activities and received information about qualifications, exams and student competitions. After the lecture, everyone had the chance to network in a nice atmosphere and ask remaining questions.

Austrian National Bank

On 25th April, several guest speakers from the Austrian National Bank gave insight into the financial market, and touched on the topics of macro-prudential supervision, real-estate prices and stabilization of the financial market, challenges of the low interest rate environment and quantitative easing. The relation to the Austrian banking sector was a main focus point.

Careers in Treasury

On 15th March, the Finance Club students had the opportunity to listen to the ACT (Association of corporate Treasurers) which was represented by Louise Tatham (Head of Professional Develpment, ACT) and Andrew Burgees (“FX Manager”, GE). The students were informed about how to get a Certificate of Treasury and furthermore gained an exclusive insight in the world of a treasurer.

Bookkeeping Fraud

On 7 March the Finance Club invited to an open lecture about bookkeeping fraud. The students had an interesting dialogue with the guest lecturer Ms Anne Marijn in’t Hout, MSc from Hogeschool Utrecht. Content was the relationship between Bookkeeping fraud and the Agency problem as well as the audit of annual financial statements.

Gerald Hörhan – Zu Gast an der FHWN

Am 18. November war es soweit! Gerald Hörhan, auch bekannt als der „Investment Punk“, besuchte erstmals die Fachhochschule Wr. Neustadt, was sich als voller Erfolg erwies! Er gewährte uns einen exklusiven Einblick in seinen spannenden Lebenslauf, welcher unter anderem ein Studium in angewandter Mathematik und Wirtschaft an der Harvard University aufweist. Außerdem ging Hörhan auf seine beruflichen Erfahrungen im Investmentbanking ein und diskutierte mit uns über die Themen Vermögensplanung, Finanzirrtümer und über Trading-Plattformen.

Wir freuen uns sehr über das beim Vortrag bemerkbare große Interesse und über euer zahlreiches Kommen!

Second Kick-off Event

The second kick-off event took place on September 28th, 2016. The event started with an official Corporate Minds Finance Club video, presented to the members for the first time followed by an introduction of the club and an overview of our activities. Afterwards, there were several interesting presentations held by the guest speakers, during which the participants had a chance to get deeper insights into career opportunities at PWC presented by Mr. Fitzka, Cube Hotels presented by Mr. Varga, learn more information about summer schools and the career path of Mr. Kovács and about a business project Mr. De Anda is conducting together with FH Aerospace Engineering. The event ended with networking, where the members of CMFC could ask questions, share their ideas and exchange contact details.

Movie Nights

The Finance Club has hosted two movie nights so far. ‘The Big Short’, a film about four different individuals in the area of finance predicting the credit and housing bubble collapse in 2007/8, was the first movie the students watched and encouraged an interesting discussion on the happenings leading up to the crisis.

The second film was ‘Zeitgeist: Addendum’ which covered certain problems of today’s monetary system. The students took a critical thinking approach to all the arguments presented in the film and had a thought-provoking discussion. All in all, both movie nights were a great success for the finance club and we plan to host many more evenings in the future.

The Rating Agencies’ World

As one of the first events of the Corporate Minds Finance Club, our members had the opportunity to listen to a presentation held by Ron Slomovits (founder and head of Rating Advisory) about rating agencies. The unique topic attracted more than 30 people, who could further their knowledge in how big rating agencies, as Standard and Poor’s, work. Right after the session, Mr. Slomovits was kind to answer the questions of members and also gave the opportunity to those, who were interested, to carry out some projects with him and his company.

Kick-off event

The first official kick-off event, where all the members of the club met  for the first time, took place on 17th February. The event started with a presentation called “The Seven Deadly Sins of Investing”, held by two experienced fund managers from Valartis Bank Austria. After the presentation, the students were invited to an introductory discussion about the purpose and goals of the club. The meeting ended with students getting to know each other and providing their wishes and ideas about the future finance club activities.